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Some of my latest poetry & prose publications, & interviews

NEW - Poem: "i cut this hairself," Black Warrior Review

NEW - Poem: "in the land of keepsakes i moor," Rowayat 

Poem: "remember the red," VERVE Press, Protest Poems Anthology 

Poem: "liz tells me OnlyFans pays in USD," Arts University Arts Bournemouth, International Poetry Prize 2022 Anthology 

Poem: "in the kitchen with mom i notice," Magma

Poem"eating fruit with you before you leave," Lucent Dreaming

Creative Nonfiction: "THE PLEDGE," Beyond Shattered Glass: Voices from the Aftermath of the Beirut Explosion

Poem: "jagadakir, as in fate,"  The Rumpus

Poem: "MYTH-MAKING," University of Oxford | TORCH  Anthology "A personal history of home"

Poem: "water does not clear away all blood,"  Magma

Poem: "how do you say f*** you in your language?"  The Poetry Society

Poems: "sandcastles that stay" and "in my bed, out to seas,"  wildfire words e-zine

Poem: "i will write you in the shape of birds," Pigeon Pages

Poems: "Blues," "origin and I," "absorb," The Hellebore

Poem: "this age-old choke," Rusted Radishes

Poem and Interview: "DO NOT GO SHORT ON PRAYER," Harpy Hybrid Review

Poem: "sacrificed into residue," Panoply

Interview: Author Spotlight - Perla Kantarjian, Epoch Press

Poem: "Not Here, But There," Documented Experiences

Poem: "The Stillness That Follows," International Literary Quarterly

Poems: "Relish in the Remaining," and "Slower than Moontide," Indelible

Poem: "Bearing the Desired Fruit & Flesh," The Armenian Weekly, Literary Corner

Poem: "Autumn in Artsakh," The Armenian Weekly, Literary Corner

Poem: "Daughter of Genocide," The Armenian Weekly, Literary Corner

Poem: "The Afterfeel," Annahar Newspaper, Carpe Diem Literary Segment

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