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Some of my latest articles & essays

Essay: "The Secret to Being Smart Is in the Za’atar," Electric Literature, August 2022

Article: "The Poet Mustn’t Be a Lone Wolf – Malika Booker on the Power of Poetry and Poetic Community at UEA Live," UEA LIVE -University of East Anglia, November 2021

Research Paper: "The Legacy of American Transcendentalism in Contemporary Literature: From Thoreau to Krakauer," Inquiries Academic Journal, October 2021

Blog: "11 Whitman-Inspired Positive Self-Affirmations," Bookstr, August 2021

Article: "‘Game of Thrones’: 3 More Prequel Spin-Offs in the Works," Bookstr, March 2021

Blog: "'Lolita' - Throwback Thursday,"  Bookstr, February 2021

Article: "‘Bridgerton’ Darling Rege-Jean Page To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’, With Rapper Bad Bunny as Musical Guest" Bookstr, February 2021

Blog: "7 Enchanting Classical Music Pieces To Background Your Reading"  Bookstr, January 2021

Blog: "11 Strangely Relevant Quotes from Orwell’s ‘1984’" Bookstr, January 2021

Blog: "7 of Literary History’s Coziest Writing Nooks!" Bookstr, November 2020

Blog: "Happy 81st, Margaret Atwood!" Bookstr, November 2020

Blog: "Books Are Portals to Other Dimensions," Bookstr, November 2017

Op-Ed: "Running for my life…but where to?" The Armenian Weekly, September 2020

Article: "Nagorno-Karabakh: Second day of battle, ‘God be with our heroes’ Armenians proclaim," Annahar Newspaper, September 2020

Article: "Hundreds of protestors gather in front of parliament to demand the resignation of government," Annahar Newspaper, August 2020

Article: "The aftermath of the Beirut Blast," Annahar Newspaper, August 2020

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